Ubuntu Linux Help

Our college used to offer “Linux Install Festivals” every semester to encourage students to have Linux on their own computer systems at home. Due to the simplicity of the installation process, there are no longer any “Install Festivals”. I have created a link to help to guide students to install Ubuntu Linux on their home computer systems.

This guide is designed to help students answer the question, “So I installed Ubuntu Linux, now what?”.


I would like to share from what I have learned when using the Linux operating system and open source applications over the past 12 years. I would agree that Ubuntu Linux is a very easy-to-use and friendly distribution, and is highly recommended for new-users…

I intend to eventually write full notes on how to use many of the applications, but until then, I will provide links to documentation and list other resources such as tutorials and textbooks (if available) and possibly you-tube videos for visual demonstrations…

Hope this helps,
Murray Saul

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