Winter 2020     Office: A3058      email: murray.saul@senecacollege.ca

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00   am ULI101-NBB
RM. C4030
8:55   am ULI101-NBB
RM. C4030
9:50   am ULI101-NDD
Rm. A4526
RM. A3527
10:45 am ULI101-NDD
Rm. A4526
RM. A3527
11:40 am ULI101-NCC
Rm. A3527
12:35 pm ULI101-NCC
Rm. A3527
1:30   pm ULI101-NBB
Rm. A3527
2:25   pm ULI101-NBB
Rm. A3527
3:20   pm STUDENT
4:15   pm STUDENT
5:10   pm ULI101-NDD
RM. C4030
6:05   pm ULI101-NDD
RM. C4030

6 Responses to “Timetable”

  1. Hi Mr. Murray,

    I am one of your student in OPS235D, the one who is super late today(again I am very sorry, I was delay because I am stuck in a department meeting), I ran into a little problem wondering if you can give me some hint or a helping hand. Is about Lab1 investigation 6, every time after I run the command to create an image of my partition, what ever command I input next it will show up an error message call “Bus error” and I have to restart in order to make the computer working again. I wonder what that error message mean and I can fix this. I can’t get pass to mount the image investigation due to that error.

    Best regard,
    Philip Kuk

    • I believe you made an error using fdisk to properly create your partitions.
      I would recommend removing, adding partitions, then writing changes
      You should then use the mkfs command to create ext32 fs for your first partition.
      This usually solves the problem with that type of error…

  2. Hi Mr. Murray,

    Unfortunately it still giving me the same error for some reason, I try to re-format the hard drive with mkfs command and redo the partition, I also try the mkfs command after partitioning (sda1) to ext3 formant and it still giving me the same error.

    I want to know if I have to use option t in fdisk?. Also when u said create ext32 in my first partition, how that was done? Is it by using the option t in fdisk, however I didn’t see any type that had ext3, ext2 or ext32 in the list?

    Best Regard
    Very Confuse Student ><

  3. Hi Mr. Murray,

    Don’t worry about it, me and another classmate found out what did I do wrong.

    Thank you

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  5. This really is Awesome! Thanks a lot.

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