Above is a link to a Youtube video a musical composition I did myself around 1989. I stumbled upon the tape tonight after a 25 year hybernation (totally forgot about it!). I digitized the song from tape and cleaned it up (removed tape hiss, used compression, etc).

I recall that I was alone and bored one friday night, so I sneaked into my room-mate’s bedroom (when he was down in Kingston) and used his TASCAM 644 4-track tape recorder, a Boss Drum machine (DR-550) his synth (Roland U20 which I still play to this very day), my synth (Yamaha DX27), and his effects box to compose this song. Composed of entirely keyboards and drum machine. You can hear the fluctuating notes building (like the enterprize’s warp engines) by me using a Yamaha breath controller. It is amazing that my head didn’t explode in the process…

Sounds like “house” music, but I really wasn’t into that so it was a fluke, although I do like “atmospheric” stuff. So after 25 years sitting in a box, let me introduce you to a tune I just called “Scarb-Isolation” (since I was living as a bachelor in Scarborough Ontario)…

Direct mp3 link (better sound than video):

Murray Saul

~ by Murray Saul on November 14, 2014.

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