Ubuntu Studio Grows Stronger Everyday

I am very impressed with Ubuntu Studio 14.04! After many years of struggling to get my notebook and desktops to meet my demands, I no longer struggle when using this Ubuntu distribution. I find more freedom and possibilities using this distribution for music recording (this includes vst-host for windows dlls!).

Here is a screen-capture of my 3 monitor setup running the various recording apps:

Screen Capture of my Ubuntu Studio Setup

I finally abandoned Ninjam (wineasio was a constant pain!) and switched to “jammr” (http://jammr.net/). I am using “cairo-dock” in the XFCE4 desktop (removing the main XFCE panel). I find XFCE4 a better environment to work in (and have used GNOME and KDE for years). I can use compiz in XFCE4, and am pleased to see that wobbly windows and other compiz effects finally work without doing a complicated song and dance!

~ by Murray Saul on August 28, 2014.

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