Shell Scripting Solves Jack Audio Complexity

One of my friends retired from teaching music a few years ago. He was not very computer savvy… period. When I mentioned to his spouse that I would setup a Linux system for him for recording, she stated, “Forget it, he will never use it…”

But he does (nearly every day!). The trick is taking a flexible but overwhelming system like Jack Audio in Linux and gluing it together using Shell scripting. Here is a screen capture of a simple dialog box to select the type of recording session with a running shell script using the zenity command:

Startup Menu for Type of Recording Session

Here is a link to my shell script in case anyone wants to “tinker”. It is specific for my SIAB (Studio in a box) hardware, but enough information for some to use as a rough guideline:

[ Shell Script Sample ]

When anyone “slams” Linux for lack of music recording capability, they are not entirely correct – I just takes some time and some scripting knowledge to tie it up into a “bow”. If people want to steer clear of Linux that is their choice. My choice is to use it, save tons of money and produce awesome music 🙂

Murray Saul

~ by Murray Saul on August 28, 2014.

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