One Big Paper-Clip

One Big Paper-Clip

I once used a volume control pedal for the band I play in, but it broke a few years ago…

A small “toothed strip of plastic” broke-off from the main pedal, and it didn’t look like it would be easy to repair. After going to several music stores, I was informed that a replacement unit would cost between $80 and $100. I decided to try to repair the unit. To be more accurate (and honest), it turns out I “waffled” between repairing and buying a new pedal for a couple of years…

This weekend, I screwed up my courage to repair the pedal while saving $100. This was easier said than done!

First, I crazy-glued the base of the broken piece, but it didn’t hold (strike 1!). I then tried to “knock out” the small metal pin holding a portion of the broken plastic strip from its base (with a hammer and nail) in order to re-drill and reattach the “toothed stip”, but one side of the rotating base broke-off (strike 2!).

As a “last ditch attempt”, I broke-off the other base, drilled a tiny hole at the bottom of the plastic strip and then drilled two holes beside where the toothed strip was to be attached to the pedal base. I found a BIG paperclip, straightened it out, fed it through the based of the plastic strip, made a 90 degree bend on both sides, fed both wires through the holes in the base pedal and simply secured the wire ends to “clip onto” the base pedal (home run!). It isn’t the “pride of Muskoka”, but it works, and very well I might add…

One BIG paperclip, 5 minutes of labour, and now I can use my volume pedal! There must be a little “Mcgiver” in me waiting to get out!


Murray Saul


~ by Murray Saul on March 25, 2014.

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