I’m Loving It…

I'm Loving It...

Portable Keyboard stand (quite stable): $24 (Long & McQuade)
2 Laminate Flooring Samples: Free (Home Depot)
Bottom Keyboard: (24 year old roland u20 – loaned from my bandmate)
Upper Keyboard controller (maudio axiom49): Free (Given to me by colleague)
Maudio Uno Midi-to-USB adaptor: $40 (Long & McQuade)
Netbook Computer (Acer Aspire One): $100 (5 years old, wasn’t being used)
Chair: $4.99 (XS Cargo)
OS: Free (Linux – Ubuntu Studio 13.10)
Software:Free (Jack Audio, Qsynth, setBfree)

Total Cost: $170 (although $70 for me since netbook computer was just “sitting around”)

Not listening to “music experts” that state you MUST spend thousands of dollars on dual keyboard ($2400), expensive dual layer keyboard stands ($500 – $800), and expensive software solutions ($300 – $2400) to play live (which I have done with the “Linux” solution – for “years”):


~ by Murray Saul on March 25, 2014.

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