Building Community… (one bridge at a time)…

Many people have stated , “the best inventions of all time were created by accident”

I became “hooked” on Linux by accident. Since I am a Community College professor, I have been required to learn and teach various operating systems (including Linux). I am not a stranger to Unix. After I had graduated from University (25 years ago), I helped to install and provided support for Unix-based computer system.s It wasn’t until I worked in the Linux environment, that I decided that this was the operating system for me…

While working at Seneca College, I have enjoyed volunteering for the Linux Install Festival (whenever I had the available time). Linux Install Festivals are held throughout the world by different organizations, providing a free service that installs the Linux system on people’s computer systems. In this way, people (or “Linux Newbies”) can bring in their machines and have “piece of mind” that they won’t screw-up their computer system…

The process of installing Linux has greatly improved over the years. In fact, our college is no longer offering Linux Install Festivals due to that reason. I am worried that cutting off this “human element” will further build a divide between potential Linux users and the Linux operating system. Let’s face it – the average user doesn’t want to continually search for answers to computer questions. Therefore, it is time I helped to build a learning bridge
… (or a learning community)…

I am creating a WIKI that I hope will provide a “One-Stop destination” for new potential Linux users. I have chosen to discuss the Linux distribution called Ubuntu, since it very community based and free.

This WIKI will contain a group of topics including installation and setup of Ubuntu, as well as help for Linux applications that I have found the most powerful and useful. This WIKI will provide information and tips that have taken me years of “learning the hard way”…

Here is the link to the Ubuntu WIKI:

I will be posting some of the topics from this WIKI to this Blog site from time-to-time. I hope you find this resource useful… Please be patient, since this will take a long time to grow and develop… unless others contribute as well >;)

Murray Saul


~ by Murray Saul on October 18, 2009.

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