I Guess Teachers Do Have Lives…

I’m reminded of a children’s book that depict teachers that eat, breathe, sleep, and merely exist for the sole purpose of teaching. In that book, a group of grade 4 students thought that the teacher slept at the school… on a cott…

Although I love teaching, I sleep at home – in a comfortable bed, thank you… and I don’t stay awake at night until 5 a.m. chatting with my fellow students on IRC….

On the other hand, I am a husband and a father. I even play in a Rock band for fun…

Here’s our band’s website: http://aka10.wordpress.com/

Party on Wayne…

… and yes I do have a good friend by the name of “Wayne Campbell” – yes, way…


~ by Murray Saul on May 5, 2009.

One Response to “I Guess Teachers Do Have Lives…”

  1. […] I made an earlier post explaining that I play in a rock band. Here is a link to my post [ I Guess Teachers Do Have Lives ]. I helped to start this band for recreation purposes – a chance to get out the house once a […]

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