Mythtv – Part V


OK, you setup your Mythtv system, and it works – so now what?

There are so many neat things to do with your Mythtv system, that it may consume you for weeks / months / years to come… If fact, one of my colleagues both “thanks me” and
curses me” for getting him hooked on Mythtv…

You may laugh, but I read an article about people becoming seriously hooked on their PVRs (personal video recorders) such as Mythtv or TiVo. According to the article, users felt that they had to stay at home all the time in order to watch all of their recorded programs (or risk overwriting them). They referred to this problem as the “TiVo Syndrome“…

Unlike TiVo, Mythtv has the ability to allow the user to archive their shows in different formats (including a native file format) so they can be stored and later retreived “off-site” (DVD, external HardDrive, etc…).

We will now learn some basic operations while you are in Mythtv.
On your Mythtv system (if you are in the main menu), select:


To bring up the main menu, press the letter m
If the main menu text doesn’t look solid (i.e. out of sync), make the additional menu selections:


(Note: You may have to press the down arrow key until you see the menu item “video scan“, and then you press the right arrow key to select the video scan submenu. While in the video scan submenu, press the down arrow key to “Progressive” and press the <ENTER> key. I recall that there is a method to permanently setup the video scan rate in Mythtv settings…)

While in the WATCH TV menu, the most useful item is labelled “Programming Guide“. If you press <ENTER> , the Electronic Programming Guide (or EPG) will appear. Provided that you created and setup a Schedules Direct account, then the channel information should also be displayed….

You can use arrow keys or <PGUP> or <PGDN> to navigate throughout a 14-day schedule. Pressing <ENTER> at a program will allow the user to record a program.

To exit the menu, you press the <ESC> key.

Here is a link to a comprehensive (intimidating) list of Mythtv KEYBOARD COMMANDS for various purposes:

[ ]

Instead of selecting the Electronic Programming Guide while watching TV, you can access the guide from the main Mythtv menu by selecting:


Under the “Schedule Recordings” submenu, there are other useful items such as:

  • Program Finder (Search by Program letter)
  • Search Words (Search by title, etc…)
  • Search Lists (eg. Time, channels, Movies, Categories   <– very useful!)
  • Channel

Whatever method you use, you can then select the program to record
( For example: single recording, weekly recording, daily recording, etc…).
After your show has been recorded, you can view it by making the following sections in the Mythtv main menu:


As I learn how to use addtional Mythtv features, I will add them to future posts.

In the next post, I will discuss how to setup another hard disk in order to increase storage capacity and program recording performance…


~ by Murray Saul on February 13, 2009.

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