Mythtv Player for Windows

Tonight, I was able to download and install Mythtv Player for Windows Vista (Yeah, I know, but my kids also use Windows Vista in addition to Linux). This allows my kids to watch live TV on the Windows Vista office machine upstairs which connects to my Linux machine running in the basement. I can also do the same thing if I setup my office machine to run Mythtv as a “frontend” that connects to my basement machine (the “backend”).

Mythtv Player can also run in full screen (just right click in the viewing window for menu)… Here is a screen capture of a Futurama episode running on Windows Vista (Oh, that poor Kip!).

[ pic ]

The setup process requires you to set your I.P. address in the GENERAL settings in the Mythtv BACKEND configuration. When you launch Mythtv from Windows, you need to enter the same I.P. address or the hostname of that Linux machine (backend)…

Below is a link to the webpage to download Mythtv Player.

[ ]

I also see that there is a windows version of Mythtv (which is open source). Needless to stay, you will need to have installed Mythtv and configure it to use as the Backend (and possibly frontend on your linux box)… Stay tuned for additional posts on how to install and configure Mythtv… coming soon…


~ by Murray Saul on January 27, 2009.

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