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Picture of the Dude Himself

Picture of the "Dude" Himself

I decided to take the *plunge* into blogging. I felt that if I didn’t start documenting my fun Linux efforts, I will not be able to share the fun with others (or know where to turn to in case I needed instruction on how to rebuild what I did!)

After getting caught in what seemed like an endless loop of searching for blog authoring  tools, several of my colleagues directed me to

This is definitely the easiest setup – this blog was running in 3 minutes! I intend to eventually redirect  my college main web-page account to this blog, and setup links to open-source content including course materials. For now, I will try to update and provide as much information regarding my Linux projects including:

  • Setup and write Bash Shell script to play music on my Linux box controlled by a fifty-year-old AMI W-120 Wall-mount Jukebox
  • Open Source Arcade Cabinet Project for X-Windows Course I taught Fall 2008
  • Mythtv Setup for my home
  • FTA Satellite information and resources (I only deal in the legal stuff – i.e. unencrypted signals only!)
  • Performing stop-motion animation using Cinelerra for posts to YouTube
  • LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) and its success stories in the GTA and beyond
  • Customizing Linux Desktop (Linux Tweaks)

Stay Tuned for more posts 🙂


~ by Murray Saul on January 7, 2009.

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